The work of a musician is difficult as compared to galamsey – Equation reveals

Rapper Equation says being a musician is difficult as compared to involving yourself into illegal mining which is widely termed as galamsey in Ghana.

According to the rapper, upcoming musicians like himself do not get support they need to establish themselves.

He said: “Robert Ingersoll made a quote by saying we rise by lifting others but here in this case we are all tagged for being ungrateful due to what someone did or have done and with that  not helping us to grow in the industry.”

Equation_Press Release_ft_Apantan_[mp3 download]

Pouring out his heart, he says his current song which is titled Press Release was released few days ago to plead to investors, bloggers, and everybody to help him grow because he promised to put a smile on the face his mum.

Watch the video below:



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