I don’t know why Sista Afia came after me – Eno Barony

Ghana has had a lot of inventive rap talents over the years that have showcased nothing but unalloyed music talent. And, in every generation, a female music gem emerged to rock shoulders with the male counterparts, contributing to levelling the playing field.

Accra-Based female emcee, Eno Barony, born Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom, made an intrepid case as the best female rapper of her era since breaking into the industry.

However, the prominent question of the rap game not being so profitable for both sexes in Africa – Ghana to be precise – kept coming up regularly.

A few of the rappers remind core to what they started with, most of them switch to singing or tap singers on different projects to make sales and increase their popularity in the industry and stand the chance of winning accolades.

Nevertheless, Eno Barony has stood firm to her first love – that’s hip-hop. Sweeping fans off their feet with frequent rap hit singles. She even addressed body-shaming on the single – HEAVY, which she admits is among her greatest and most cherish singles – because of the body-positivity message attached to it. She fought that battle when she first appeared in the industry that nearly mud and emptied her creativity.

That raises questions of how female rappers make money and are they being underpaid? These and other questions were thrown to Eno Barony on our FRONT VIEW program.

Our hip-hop industry is still growing, and with women coming on board, it makes it sexier, She said, and it is lucrative because the few of us in it are getting shows and sponsorship, it is not where we want it to be, but it’s a gradual process, she adds.

Furthermore, She revealed, she doesn’t know why female singer, Sista Afia attack (beefed) her on the song – You Got Nerves.

Eno Barony is a huge fan of American rap superstar and businessman, Kanye West, and if the chance is given for her to be a man, she would like to be him.

Source: tmghlive.com

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