Fella Makafui sacks Medikal from her shop after he went to apologize

Many Ghanaians have insisted that the break-up drama between Medikal and Fella Makafui is just a stunt to get attention.

However, a video circulating on social media is kind of confirming that their much-talked-about break-up might be true after all.

In the video, Fella Makafui was seen quickly packing the chairs in front of her shop as soon as Medikal in the company of his guys got there.

No matter how hard Medikal tried to get her attention, Fella never gave him a second of her time, but only insisted that he leaves the shop, he supposedly got for her.

A very sad looking Medikal could only walk away with his head bowed in total humiliation.

It should be noted that the source who got us the video revealed that the godfather of Medikal, Criss Waddle was there with him to help beg Fella to forgive the “Omo Ada” hitmaker for all his transgressions but was not captured in the video.

Is this real or also part of the their great publicity stunt?

Watch the hot video below…


Source: Zionfelix.net

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