Support me because I am working hard to put Ghana on the map – Bisa K’dei

Ghanaian highlife musician Bisa K’dei to support him by putting Ghana on the map and stop criticizing his crafts negatively. According to the “Brother Brother” hit maker, he needs all the support so Ghanaians should stop the critics.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz fm, Bisa K’dei added that even though he has received a lot of backlash from Ghanaians, it has not stopped him from working hard.

He said:

“People are going to say whatever they want to because it’s their opinion. Everybody is allowed to say something but it doesn’t mean that’s how the thing is. It doesn’t bother me at all. Trust me.

“As I said earlier, in the beginning, I have released songs but people are expecting too much from me. People release songs and put a lot of money in it but it doesn’t go anywhere.

“And I am trying so hard to put Ghana on the map. I have been to so many places raising the flag of Ghana high. So I think people should see that side too. And realise that Bisa Kdei is also working trying so hard to put Ghana on the map.

“So all I need is the support and not things that will discourage me to stop”.



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