Medikal expresses disappointment in Eno Barony

AMG Business signed artiste,  Medikal has expressed his displeasure in Eno Barony for dragging him into her beef with Sista Afia, Freda Rhymz and others.

However, Medikal confirmed his objective not to reply the hailed Rap Goddess after she disrespected him in her song ‘Argument Done’, the AMG rapper has drizzled his emotions out in a chain of tweets.

The AMG said he never expected Eno to disrespect him after she pleaded to him for a feature and shot a video without charging her a penny about four years.

He didn’t see the need for the female rapper to disrespect him without any incitement from his part.

The ‘Drip’ author indicated the best thing Eno could have done was for her to link up for another verse since he is more popular now than he was before.

According to him, many people have stopped doing good to others due to the similar behaviour demonstrated by Eno Barony.

He frazzled that there is no way he will waste his time to reply to a diss from a female rapper who looks like a corpse.

He specified that Ghanaians will still enjoy his songs as they hail Eno for her diss songs, so in the end, he has nothing to lose.

Check the tweets below.


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