I won’t waste time dissing a female rapper that looks like corpse – Medikal scolds Eno

Medikal has voiced his meanness on Eno Barony after the female rapper took a jab at him in the ‘Argument Done’ song.

Among assumptions his next single ‘Nonsense’ will be a response to Eno’s jab for which purpose the female rapper has also slated the release of ‘Force Them To Play Nonsense’ as a reply.  Medikal in a tweet said he would use his time wisely than engage in a lyrical battle.

The announcement though did not come without a jab as the tweet read: “Don’t ever think I will waste time recording a diss track to a female rapper, especially when the person looks like corpse. Issa dead tin.”

Medikal further declared that he is calm about the bank of insults Eno would throw at him in her following releases because his works will always be very much appreciated by music fans but same cannot be said of Eno.

He said: “You will probably do couple of diss songs and direct them to me, and as we all know, Ghanaians will hail you and mock me to make you believe you are the bomb, whiles they still Jam to my music in their homes and parties.”




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