I get worried when people go naked with ‘Wrowroho’ song – Medikal

Rapper Medikal says he gets worried when he sees fans going naked with the song Wrohwoh he got featured on by Agbeshie.

He further explained on Kasahari Level, a rap show hosted on Adom Fm that the song was meant for people who were getting ready to intimidate indoors but was misunderstood for the lyrics he poured on the song.

The idea of taking their clothes off publicly, Medikal said, really disturbed him hence he has been advised not to perform the song at huge public functions, especially if it’s a show involving many High School children.

“It’s a room vibe kind of song. The song is for Agbeshie and he told me about the concept before we did the song. It wasn’t about people taking off their clothes in the public. I saw some videos and was really worried about it. I am not able to perform the song at many places.”

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