I am the best actor in Ghana – Kwaku Manu blows his own horn

Actor Kwaku Manu has voiced out publicly that he is the best actor in Ghana.

Talking to ZionFelix in an interview, Kwaku Manu blew his own horn saying he has no competitor when it comes to acting.

The well-known actor detailed that he doesn’t like talking about his skills but he is the best.

Kwaku Manu opined he won’t accept the view that his profession has taken a fall.

He, however, confessed that the acting work and production has been low.

Regardless of the trials, Kwaku Manu publicised he is preparing to heat the industry with his creative works.

He also talked about how a group of people plotted against him for others to shine.

He made it clear that Lilwin is enjoying his time but he won’t put it in a way that he was put aside because of his colleague.

Kwaku Manu (The aggressive man) stressed that some producers decided not to use him after he travelled to America in 2011. According to him, they made this verdict thinking that his days outside the country will make him arrogant.


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