Busted: Confession by Bra Alex is my song – Everlasting Tiki

The young rapper who is trending on social media with his song “ConfessionBra Alex has been busted as another rapper claims the ownership of the song.

In an interview hosted by Sammy Flex, the acclaimed owner of the song, Everlasting Tiki says the concept of the song is his which can be related to his tune titled “Abaisem“.

According to Tiki, he asked the engineer who produced the song “Amagidon” to send him the song via Whatsapp but the engineer said he was having problems with his phone so he will send it through a friend’s phone.

Everlasting Tiki_ Abaisem_ prod by_Amagedon_ [mp3 download]

Unfortunately, the friend of the engineer had the chance to listen to the song with other friends and then started sharing the song and he even received calls from friends based in Kumasi that his song is a massive song. He further inquired and got to know it was “Abaisem” they were talking about, meaning the song was been leaked before he received it.


He stated that the song was recorded in 2015 but was officially released in 2018.

Watch the video below..

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